Kids (and grown-ups!) love nothing more than to create amazing dens to hideout in or play fight with friends to defend their castle from invaders or to serve afternoon tea in their country house. It's great fun and keeps them occupied for ages. But what we often don’t realise is the benefit they’re getting from this type of activity. Imaginative and constructive play are essential skills that children need to help them develop for later life. Chaos occurs when all the cushions from the sofas get piled up and the bed sheets dragged off and tied to the door handles in pursuit of creating that special imaginary space. But it’s this creative, pretend play that’s setting children up to deal with experiences in later life. Play unlocks learning and developmental benefits that last a lifetime.

Megaboards, the first toy in our range, consists of a set of colourful building boards and connectors, and enables children to build simple, modular structures, large enough to play in. Anything from a house to a car, even a castle can be easily built from the imaginative system. Watch our short video to see the Megaboards in action.

Lego Reimagine Learning challenge semifinalist



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